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Hi, I'm Ashkah. I've been in the TeniPuri fandom for quite some time now, and I have only faltered out of the fandom once, back when FMA was running strong, but once that died down, I jumped back in and have never looked back.

My love of Fudomine started with Kamio, and stretched from there. Most of the things you see me post will be IbuKami, but I may post the ocassional centric fic as well. And I have the really massive BeKami bunny nawing away ay me, but enough of that for now.

I hope you enjoy my works and please, feedback is most always welcome. ^_^

You can find some of my non-Fudomine works at the website linked here in my profile.
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Warmth by Ashkah [PG]
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Kamio and Ibu walk home to Ibu's house one afternoon during the first snow of the season.
Categories: Yaoi; Characters: *Ibu Shinji, *Kamio Akira; Genres: General
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Word count: 1628; Read Count: 8368; Completed: Yes
Updated: 07/09/08; Published: 07/09/08