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When Kamio is in an accident, Kirihara has to rise up to the challenge of keeping the Kamio family secret just that - a secret. Co-written with Mayoki.
Categories: Yaoi; Characters: *Kamio Akira, Kirihara Akaya; Genres: Drama
Warnings: None

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Chapters: 3; Completed: Yes
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Published: 10/10/08 Updated: 10/10/08
Story Notes:Notes: Takes place in the LGO world about six or so months after Kamio and Akaya become a couple. Mildly spoilerish for LGO, but if you haven't read that, this really won't make much sense. See this profile for links. Sachiko and Michiko are my creation, as is Kamio Yukio, unfortunately. Makamoto-san and Minigawa-san are also mine. The doctor, Hiawatari-san, is Mayoki's creation. Everything you recognize from PoT belongs to Konomi-sensei.

Mayoki's Notes: This is my first (of hopefully many!) fanfiction collaboration with Stormy, and it was so much fun to write! I want to thank her again for letting me play with her characters and in her timeline, it really was an honour so thank you! This fic is of a pairing I’ve loved forever, but only just got into rabidly now that I have someone to help fuel my addiction. Here’s to many more KiriKam fics, and many more collaborations!

Stormy's Notes: Obviously, this fic could not have been done without Mayoki. She is the first person I've ever Rp'd with, and she made it so easy for this fic to just keep going and going. A brilliant author in her own right, she took on Michiko and Sachiko as if they were her own and made them shine. Awesome work Mayoki! We HAVE to do this again!

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