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Primary teachers are evil. Kamio and Kirihara help Michiko recreate the Tokyo Tower for a school project. Co-written with Mayoki.
Categories: Yaoi; Characters: *Kamio Akira, Kirihara Akaya; Genres: Fluff
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Published: 10/10/08 Updated: 10/10/08
Story Notes:Stormy's notes: Once again, Mayoki lends her incredible talent to the LGO-verse and helped create this fic. She came up with the idea, AND kicked it off for us. I can't believe how easily this flowed – it was written in under three hours, and the characters just seemed to 'speak' to us. Always an honor and a pleasure to work with you Mayoki!

Mayoki's Notes: My second contribution to the LGO arc, and I still can’t get enough of these characters! We wrote this so quickly, and it’s always so easy to work with Stormy. She makes it fun and I know I’d never be able to write a fic so quickly if we weren’t bouncing the ideas back and forth like this. Thank you again for letting me play with your characters, and I can’t wait until we write another!

1. Chapter 1 by stormy1x2 [Reviews - 0] (4984 words)
Notes: A part of the LGO-verse. Takes place about a month or so before 'Bouleversement', and four to five months after 'Life Goes On'.