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The aim of this site is to bring together the writers, artists, and fans of Fudoumine Chuu from the anime/manga Tennis no Oujisama (Prince of Tennis) to create an archive specifically for fanworks of this school. Because in my opinion, the boys and girl of this wonderful school don't get enough love. I am hoping to keep this site very open to all fans, yaoi and non-yaoi alike. So if you feel up for the challenge, feel free to register and submit your works!

We accept any and all Fudoumine related fics/art. You want to write a bitchfight between Akira and Shinji? Go for it. Want to draw An molesting Kippei? Momo hitting on An? We're all for it. Write a sonnet about Shinji's love for Sengoku? I'm all yours. (I'm serious. Someone write this. PLEASE) Nanjirou and An going on a date? Sure thing.

So basically.. if at least one Fudoumine student is a main character in your fic or art, it is A-okay here.

You must be registered and logged in to post fiction or view NC-17 material. All fics will be held for approval after you submit your works, and should be up on the site within the week :).

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